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The reason we exist is to Unite Cultures… from all over the world and all over Guatemala.
We do that by building bridges, using language as a tool, offering a unique cultural immersion so that every time you improve your own opportunities in life through your new language and experiences, a local, less-privileged child gets invaluable extra education and healthy nutrition.


Full of Maya Character and a Stunning Lakeside location

Small and Tranquil Gardens with Volcanic Views

Unique Mayan Artesan Community

And don’t forget, you can choose to Combine Study in any two School Locations, as well as continue to Study Online.


Our enthusiastic teachers has successfully completed courses on how to teach Spanish to foreigners. These courses are run at the Rural University of Guatemala and the Guatemalan American Institute (IGA), where our teachers study the latest methodological trends. They discover that learning another language depends on many factors, and that people from different countries face different challenges when studying a language.

We find that the deeper connection between student and teacher develops into a real friendship, which in turn leads to greater depth of cultural understanding for the student on the one hand, and greater concentration and attention to detail from the teacher, on the other hand.


Our main objective is to teach our students to express themselves in Spanish, in any situation. With a personalized, interactive method of teaching (one teacher per student) and extracurricular activities, you are able to learn Spanish at your own pace. Our great flexibility to adapt to your needs, along with the professionalism of teachers and a atmosphere created by students from over 35 different countries, will help you in your progress.

In class there is one teacher for every student to design courses specifically for you. The first day you’ll take a ‘level-test’ exam level to be able to start the course that best suits your needs and abilities. The whole time you’re with us, your progress will be closely monitored by teachers. Before leaving your Spanish School, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Attendance and Grade Sheet with the results of your language and communication skill.

Our programs are also based in the Common European Framework, which allows us to customize the classes for your unique needs, levels and goals.


Choose from a range of programs to suit your personal or professional needs:

  • General Intensive (typically 20-25 hours per week).
  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish for Children
  • Preparation for Certification in Spanish as a foreign language
  • Spanish for Health Care Professionals

Classes are run during the following hours at all our schools:

Monday to Saturday : 8am to 6pm.


We offer a number of study and payment options, depending if you are studying one-to-one or as a pair, with or without Homestay.

And remember, when you pay for your classes, 10% of our profits support the Niños Del Lago Project, right here in San Pedro la Laguna.

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All tuition prices are quoted (above) in US$ Dollars. However, we can only accept $50 and $100 bills (we’re sorry but the bank in San Pedro for example, no longer accepts $1, $5, $10 & $20 dollar bills).  Payment can also be made of course in Quetzales: most students use the local ATM to withdraw GTQ for tuition payments.  ATMs will dispense upto GTQ3000 per transaction. If your card allows a larger withdrawal you will need to make a second transaction.  Please verify with your bank on the fees for International ATM usage. Also Guatemalan ATMs use a 4 digit PIN. If your PIN is longer than 4 digits change it before you leave home.

To reserve your space at the school each student must submit an application and a $20.00 non-refundable Registration Fee. This is an administrative fee and not part of your tuition. Fifty percent (50%) of your registration fee goes directly to fund the school’s social project Niños del Lago. One application can be submitted with multiple students as long as each student pays the fee: $20.00 per student.

  • All prices are subject to change. Please check at time of booking.

  • Option to study in pairs is available at a reduced rate. Home Stay prices for study in pairs are per person not per couple.

  • The Host Family with shared bath includes seven days accommodation with three meals per day, except Sundays & Internet access.

  • The Host Family with Private bath includes seven days accommodations with three meals per day, except on Sundays, Internet access and 3 Kg (8lbs) of laundry service.

  • ​We receive students every day of the week during these hours. Please schedule your arrive during our office hours (below) to be allocated your Home Stay and teacher.

    Monday to Friday : 8am to 6pm.
    Saturday : 8am to 6pm.
    Sunday : 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 7pm.